May 12, 2015

Marketing Flyer (Corporate One Sheet)

This post will talk a bit about my process for graphic design.

A few months ago, a very nice client of mine called to ask me to design a corporate one sheet. That was a new term to me - one I hadn't heard in my five years as a graphic designer. It's basically a one-page flyer.

So now I knew what I was supposed to design, and I had some photographs from her business to work with.

What happens next in the secret world of graphic design?

This is where the process can go all over the map. Some clients give me a rough idea of what they are looking for, and some leave it wide open. This client had made a rough composite that showed the headline and text they wanted, and had a sample background photo. But it needed a "design," which is why she came to me.

So since I wasn't starting from scratch, I selected a primary photograph, and started setting up a rough layout in Adobe Illustrator, the software I use for about 90% of my work. But I had to select an appropriate photograph, and make sure it was up to the job. I chose one, and did some cropping and level-adjusting in Photoshop.

Being for a trampoline business, I want to make the action in the picture easier to see and feel. Noticing that the picture had some less interesting areas, this led me to carving out curved areas for some of the text, which seemed appropriate for the motion of the activity being advertised. After some adjusting, a request for a smaller second photograph, and some revisions, the result is what you see on the left.

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  1. "Being for a trampoline business"? Didn't you mean to say "Being for the benefit of Mr Kite"?

  2. Either way, there will be a show tonight. Don't be late!