May 12, 2015

Where Did Aurelian Design Go? Nowhere!

It looks like I've failed to blog for about a year, so let me give a short update on your favorite graphic design freelancer. I've been busy with a wide variety of projects, from brochures, to posters and ads, and lots of maps, which are a personal favorite of mine.

And after five years in business, my graphic design projects are coming from, and going to, a much wider geographical area.

I've designed maps for sites and organizations in Florida, Virginia, and Indiana in the past few months. Many were for real estate developments. One was an HTML map that linked to service providers for defined regions across a state. And there was one for a small campus, with 3-D illustrations of some of the buildings. Still no subway map design projects, but I can dream.

And though designed for a client locally, a billboard I designed (at left) to discourage human trafficking was put up in Romania! It may be a while before my work is distributed any further away than that.

Well, that wasn't so hard. Now I'll have to do a flurry of blog posts, highlighting a few special projects, followed by the obligatory year of missing posts.

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